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TFC Weight’s Class

TFC Weights Class takes place in the main gym rather than the studio. It mixes a range of machines, free weights and barbells. The formation of the class changes up weekly, which keeps it super exciting! Exercises are timed with consistent intervals. This class is a great opportunity for class lovers to learn new exercises, which they wouldn’t typically be used to doing.

Participating regularly in the Weights class will lead you to build muscle. It’s important to acknowledge that building muscle is always a good thing because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. As we get older, it has been said that we lose about 20 pounds of muscle. Over the years we have learned that the benefits of weight training also include improving bone density levels.

The instructor taking this class will be guiding you with each exercise, ensuring your form is correct and you are reducing risk of injury. Our weight’s class is 45 minutes. The time flies and you’ll leave feeling a burst of endorphins and that you’ve worked your muscles to the max.

What are the benefits of the Weights class?

Some significant benefits to take on board for the Weights class if you regularly attend it are increased muscle mass, improved joint flexibility and stronger bones.

When are the Weights classes on?

TFC’s Weights classes take place every Friday at 7:15am and 12:15pm.

How long are the Weights classes?

The Weights class is 45 minutes.

What should I wear to the Weights classes?

What should I wear to Bootcamp classes?

Something breathable and loose fitting would be perfect such as a lightweight cotton t-shirt and some gym leggings or gym shorts with an elastic waistband.

How many calories can I burn in TFC’s Weights class?

You can expect to burn between 200- 300 calories per class.

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